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Does Alan Gross Believe these Senators?



We’ve lost count of then number of politicians posing for photos and talking about their visits to Havana regarding the Alan Gross case. 

Here is the newest- Senators Jeff Flake and Tom Udall recently returned from yet another visit with Alan Gross in Cuba. In the past few months, apparently frustrated by his long detainment, Alan has repeatedly declined to visit with U.S. officials.  Imprisoned since 2009, Alan Gross originally went to Cuba as a USAID worker, bringing telecom equipment to the isolated island nation.

The senators, on the other hand,  feel they are closer to bringing Alan home, saying

“I do feel we are closer. One, because of what Alan Gross has said himself. This is going to end one way or another. We have gone on five years and any benefit the Cuban government may have seen has to have evaporated.”

Despite interventions on his behalf, including statements from the U.S. National Security council, U.S. State Department, the United Nations, and the Vatican along with multiple envoys sent on his behalf, Alan Gross remains in a Cuban prison. He case has become a crucial point in restoring ties between the United States and Cuba.  After five long years it is difficult to determine what will be the tipping point in this case. 

The smartest thing senator Jeff Flake said,

“Its not just a source of tension between the countries, it puts Americans in danger.”