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Vice News: German Skater Convicted in Australia Claims Innocence


how-australia-arrested-a-german-skate-hero-in-international-waters-body-image-1435040480Photo: Jason Shrieves

To German skaters, Holger “Beule” Sander is a cult icon. Back in the 1980s he was pushing vert possibilities with a pair of skateboard/rollerskate things he’d built and called ‘quads.’ They were two mini skateboards bound to each foot using bits from a kid’s snowboard, and Holger used them to land two-meter McTwists.

Then in 2010 he appeared in the news for a different reason. Holger had been arrested in international waters over an alleged effort to import 400 kilograms [880 pounds] of cocaine into Australia aboard a yacht. Australian Customs claimed they had radar evidence proving Holger’s boat passed coke onto another yacht, which was later busted in a Brisbane dock. This isn’t bulletproof though, as the radar only shows the two yachts were within a kilometer of each other, not that they met. Holger has always maintained his innocence.

His first trial fell over last year. In a disastrous run for the Australian Federal Police, they admitted to misplacing evidence, and then denied filming part of the operation—only for the footage to be found up on their own website. So with Holger’s second trial to begin on July 20, we thought we’d let him tell the story of his arrest in his own words.

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