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UN Panel Says China Is Arbitrarily Detaining US Citizen

BEIJING — A U.N. panel says China has arbitrarily detained an American woman in violation of international human rights norms, bringing her case back into public attention ahead of a visit to Beijing by U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon this week. 

Parents of slain U.S. hostages plead to bring Austin Tice home

(CNN) The parents of four Americans who died at the hands of ISIS have a message for the United States: Don’t let the last American reporter held in Syria become the fifth. Austin Tice, an American freelance journalist, disappeared in Syria 

American sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor by North Korea shares the full story in his memoir, Not Forgotten.

  Available everywhere May 3, 2016. For the first time, Kenneth Bae tells the full story surrounding his arrest and imprisonment in North Korea. Not Forgotten is a modern story of intrigue, suspense, and heart. Driven by his passion to help the 

MARCH: Americans Detained Abroad Fast Facts

(CNN)Here’s a look at some recent cases of foreign governments detaining U.S. citizens. Currently Detained Americans NORTH KOREA Kim Dong Chul October 2015 – Kim, a naturalized American, is taken into custody after allegedly meeting a source to obtain a 

5 Americans released by Iran, 4 as part of prisoner swap

(CNN) Iran has freed four U.S. prisoners as part of a prisoner swap, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, Marine veteran Amir Hekmati and Christian pastor Saeed Abedini, senior U.S. administration officials said Saturday, confirming reports first published in Iranian 

Mother of ISIS Beheading Victim James Foley: US hostage policy is not effective

The mother of ISIS beheading victim James Foley sent condolences Tuesday to France and said she feels their pain — as she asked Congress for a new American policy on hostage crises. “We too have suffered from ISIS,” Diane Foley 

NOV 2015: Americans Detained Abroad Fast Facts

  (CNN) Here’s a look at some recent cases of foreign governments detaining U.S. citizens. Currently Detained Americans IRAN Saeed Abedini September 26, 2012 – According to the American Center for Law and Justice, Saeed Abedini, an American Christian pastor who 

Kenneth Bae celebrates 1st anniversary of his release

LYNNWOOD, Ore. – Sunday marks a happy anniversary for the family of a University of Oregon Alumnus. It’s been one year since North Korea released Kenneth Bae, a UO graduate who lives in Lynnwood, Wash. In an open letter from 

New Book About Wrongful Convictions in the U.S. by Reuven Fenton

In Bookstores November 10, 2015 Reuven Fenton has been covering murder and scandal for the New York Post since 2007, and has earned national recognition for his exclusive reporting on a myriad of national stories. Mr. Fenton was inspired to 

CNN Recognizes Growing Trend of Americans Detained Abroad

(CNN) – Here’s a look at some recent cases of foreign governments detaining U.S. citizens. For more information about other missing Americans, see Robert Levinson Fast Facts or POW/MIA in Iraq and Afghanistan Fast Facts. Saeed AbediniSeptember 26, 2012 – 

Vice News: German Skater Convicted in Australia Claims Innocence

Photo: Jason Shrieves To German skaters, Holger “Beule” Sander is a cult icon. Back in the 1980s he was pushing vert possibilities with a pair of skateboard/rollerskate things he’d built and called ‘quads.’ They were two mini skateboards bound to each 

Jason Rezaian’s Life in Iranian Prison Is ‘Ever More Difficult’

Photo: Zoeann Murphy/The Washington Post Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post reporter incarcerated in Iran for nearly a year, is finding prison life “ever more difficult” and has only recently become aware of the global support for him, including a plea 

American Toyota Executive Arrested In Japan

Photo: Kyodo Julie Hamp — Toyota Motor Corp.’s first senior female executive who was appointed head of public relations just weeks ago — has been arrested in Japan for allegedly importing the prescription painkiller oxycodone in violation of the country’s narcotics 

Family Travels to Vienna to Plead for American’s Freedom

AFP Photo/Jonathan Franks Sarah Hekmati’s young son had it all figured out. He’d burst into Iran’s notorious Evin jail with Superman and Batman and free his uncle to bring him home to the United States. At this point the family 

North Korea Sentences Two South Koreans to Hard Labor

Two South Korean citizens detained in North Korea on charges of spying have been sentenced to hard labor for life, the South Korean Ministry of Unification said Tuesday. North Korea first announced the arrests of Kim Kuk-gi and Choe Chun-gil 

Will Obama’s New Hostage Policy Bring Americans Home?

Photo: AP President Obama announced this morning that his administration has reconfigured the way they respond to US hostages and their families. Many families whose loved ones have been taken captive by ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Taliban over the 

1,000 Days in Prison: American Pastor Abedini Reaches Grave Milestone

Photo: ACLJ American Pastor Saeed Abedini has now spent 1,000 days in captivity in Iran – nearly three years suffering in prison – separated from his wife, Naghmeh, and their two young children. No one could have imagined that he 

Obama Ordering Changes in U.S. Hostage Policies

Photo: AP President Obama will announce Wednesday that the government will no longer threaten criminal prosecution of the families of American hostages who are held abroad by groups like the Islamic State if they try to pay ransom for the 

Western Tourists Plead Guilty in Malaysia, Are Fined and Deported

AP Photo/Mohd Asraffirdauz Bin Abdullah Four Westerners who posed naked on Malaysia’s highest peak were sentenced Friday to three days in jail and fined for obscene behavior in a public place, their lawyer said. The four were among 10 foreigners 

The Families of Hostages are Told to Keep quiet. They shouldn’t.

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin Nearly four years ago, Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine, flew to Iran to visit his grandmother. Days before he was scheduled to return home, he vanished. Frightened family members searched frantically for him. It took months 

Sarah Hekmati Heads #FreeAmirNow Movement

Iranian-American Sarah Hekmati will not rest until her brother is released from his wrongful imprisonment in Iran, and has taken the lead in championing his cause nationally to grab the attention of others.  Sarah Hekmati testified before Congress June 2, recounting 

Canadian Siblings Barred from Leaving Malaysia Accused of Causing Earthquake

Two Canadian siblings have been barred from leaving Malaysia after being blamed for an earthquake that struck Mount Kinabalu, in Malaysia Borneo, on Friday. According to Malaysian police reports, Lindsey Petersen, 23, and Danielle Petersen, 22, are two of five 

U.S. House Calls On Iran To Release American Political Prisoners

Congress may soon pass a resolution calling on Iran to free several Americans being held prisoner there, and demanding information about a former FBI agent who went missing. Transcript RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: When Secretary of State John Kerry met his 

As Jason Rezaian Stands Trial in Iran, Former Prisoners Share Their Experiences

Few facts are known about the espionage case against Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post correspondent in Iran who went on trialTuesday in a closed Tehran courtroom, in front of a Revolutionary Court judge known for harsh sentences. Shane M. Bauer 

Jason Rezaian Trial in Iran May Be More About Leverage Than Justice

On Oct. 16, 2010, Europe’s top foreign policy official proposed a date for resuming stalled nuclear talks with Iran. The same day, Iran said it had freed Reza Taghavi, an American business executive incarcerated without charge for more than two 

Four American female scientists detained in Siberia then deported from Russia

The US citizens were in 11 km from the Russian border with Mongolia apparently on a mission to study the endangered snow leopard in the Republic of Buryatia. ‘A group of American women have been detained by a border guard 

China Deports American Jailed on Spy Charges

BEIJING — An American geologist who was imprisoned for more than seven years on a vague charge of “illegally procuring state secrets” has been deported by China and arrived home in Houston on Friday, according to a human rights organization 

International media questions the 10 year conviction of Canadian teacher in Indonesia.

Neil Bantleman, the Canadian teacher sentenced to 10 years in Indonesia for child sex abuse, is planning to appeal his conviction, his wife says. Tracy Bantleman said her husband is exhausted by the four-month trial, but told the court Thursday 

“I will work to give voice to others who have been wrongfully convicted” -Amanda Knox

By Amanda M. Knox Special to The Times THROUGHOUT these past seven and a half years, knowledge of my innocence propelled me forward. Your kindness sustained me. I am, and forever will be, grateful to the many people who helped 

Huang’s 1st Interview After Family Reunion

Matt and Grace Huang have been reunited with their sons after two years of arbitrary detainment in Qatar. The couple was found innocent of all wrongdoing in the sudden death of their eight-year-old daughter, Gloria.  Margaret Brannan of CBS sat 

Huangs Prevented from Leaving Qatar

Despite being declared innocent by the court of appeals earlier today and told they can go home, Matt and Grace Huang have been barred from leaving the middle eastern country of Qatar.  According to The New York Times, the couple 

Matt and Grace Huang Declared Innocent

On November 30, Matt and Grace Huang were pronounced innocent by the Qatar Court of appeals. More updates soon.

Pres. Orders Review of Hostage Policy

Sarah Shourd, a ShowTrial survivor, discusses current U.S. hostage policy on Hardball with Chris Matthews. The White House recently stated that President Obama has ordered a review of how the U.S. handles Americans held by hostages. A White House spokesperson 

Does Alan Gross Believe these Senators?

We’ve lost count of then number of politicians posing for photos and talking about their visits to Havana regarding the Alan Gross case.  Here is the newest- Senators Jeff Flake and Tom Udall recently returned from yet another visit with Alan 

N Korea Releases Kenneth Bae after 2 Years

Kenneth Bae has returned home after two years in North Korea. His release comes after the US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper delivered a letter from President Obama to Kim Jung Un. “Thank you all for supporting me and 

NEW Video Released by #BringBaeBack

Kenneth Bae’s family has released a video marking two year anniversary of his detainment in North Korea.  The video offers a unique insight into what it is like for a mother who struggles to find the right word, saying  “This 

American Detained in UAE for Taking Photo

CNN reports that an American man  in the United Arab Emirates to speak at an international creativity conference — has been detained in that Middle Eastern nation for allegedly taking a photo in a forbidden area. This is not the first 

NYTimes gives Advice on Gross Case

The New York Times Editorial Board is encouraging the US Government to arrange a prisoner swap in the Alan Gross case. The Cuban Five, pictured above, have been used by the Castro regime as a propaganda tool since long before Alan 

Huang Case ‘Hot-Button’ Issue in Mid East

CNN’s Elise Labott reported on the latest developments in the Matthew and Grace Huang case in Qatar, stating that “The case puts the United States in a difficult situation with a close ally with whom it is working on hot-button 

Colombian Innocence Project Gains Steam

The David House Foundation was honored to send representative to attend and assist in the promotion of the 3rd annual Latin American Innocence Network Conference, hosted by the Colombian Innocence Project in Bogota. The conference gathered innocence experts from 12 

Navigating the Emotional Aftermath

What is it like to work with people who have experienced trauma?  While it might seem hard to listen to these people’s stories, the clinical psychologist in this video opens up about her experiences and reflects on her clients “drive 

Theo Padnos Writes About Kidnapping

Theo Padnos, also know as Peter Theo Curtis, was kidnapped by Syrian rebels in 2012. He was tortured, and threatened with death for nearly two years. He recently published this moving testimony in The New York Times, offering rare insider perspective 

American Held in N. Korea Released

    The David House Foundation congratulates Jeffery Fowle on his release. After nearly six months in detention in North Korea, Jeffrey Fowle returned to his rural Ohio home on October 22. Fowle, who went to North Korea as a 

Context: Global Pre-Trial Detention

Though the David House Foundation primarily looks at cases which fulfill ShowTrial criteria, these cases in terms of human rights are no more important than any other wrongful imprisonment. This video highlights the massive problem with violations of due process 

Short Documentary: Huang Case Qatar

Grace and Matthew Huang, are an American couple from Los Angeles who are being wrongfully imprisoned by the judicial system of Qatar in the Middle East. The Huang’s case in Qatar is one of the clearest examples of peripheral issues 

Context: Backdrop of N. Korea Cases

The totalitarian regime in North Korea has longstanding roots stemming from the involvement of ideological different international factions, including the United States.  Even after the direct conflict of the Korean war ended, a dynasty of oppressive rulers in North Korea 

Iran: Sisters Share on Evin Prison Life

Accused political prisoners are often detained in prisons with the worst conditions.  Evin prison, the prison most westerners are imprisoned in, is one such prison in Iran.  The conditions are horrendous: small, dark, and dirty cells, lack of medical care 

Domestic ShowTrial in Russia

This is a post to highlight a domestic ShowTrial. They happen. False arrests are extremely common in ShowTrials, especially in countries with corrupt legal systems.  In Russia we have seen young people imprisoned for extended periods of time after having