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International media questions the 10 year conviction of Canadian teacher in Indonesia.


Neil Bantleman

Neil Bantleman, the Canadian teacher sentenced to 10 years in Indonesia for child sex abuse, is planning to appeal his conviction, his wife says.

Tracy Bantleman said her husband is exhausted by the four-month trial, but told the court Thursday he did not accept its decision and would appeal to the Supreme Court.

“Like I’ve said before, my husband is innocent. He always has been, he always will be. These claims are absolutely baseless and ridiculous and absurd,” Tracy Bantleman told CTV News from Jakarta.

Bantleman said she was “absolutely, completely, utterly disheartened by the decision.”

Even though she anticipated the verdict, based on what she had been told of the court’s high conviction rate, she was still stunned by how unfair the process appeared to be.

The defence was not allowed to present any evidence or witnesses, she said, suggesting that her husband was convicted solely on the basis of “stories and allegations and opinions of police.”

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