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Huang Case ‘Hot-Button’ Issue in Mid East


Matt and Grace Huang

CNN’s Elise Labott reported on the latest developments in the Matthew and Grace Huang case in Qatar, stating that “The case puts the United States in a difficult situation with a close ally with whom it is working on hot-button issues in the Middle East. Qatar is helping the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS and is hosting many countries’ forces involved in airstrikes.”

At the October 20th hearing, Matt and Grace were provided with a translator for the first time in the appeal. As a result, they were able to hear the words the prosecutor was using to accuse them of starving their daughter. In the middle of the prosecutors oral argument, unable to contain his emotion, Matt stood up and yelled, “You lie! You lie! That is not what the report says!” The US Government has expressed concern over the fairness of the proceedings.  The Huang’s defense team even presented evidence that the prosecution fabricated a lab report.

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