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Sarah Hekmati Heads #FreeAmirNow Movement


Sarah Hekmati
Iranian-American Sarah Hekmati will not rest until her brother is released from his wrongful imprisonment in Iran, and has taken the lead in championing his cause nationally to grab the attention of others.  Sarah Hekmati testified before Congress June 2, recounting the struggles that her family has faced in her brother’s absence.

May 26, 2014 marked the thousandth day her brother, Amir Hekmati, has spent in prison after being arrested on charges of spying  in 2012. Amir Hekmati served with the Marines before his trip oversees; something he disclosed with Iranian officials to try to avoid trouble. With tensions high between the United States and Iran as well as Islamic Extremist groups, Amir is paying a high price for a crime that he did not commit due to political prejudice.

Sarah Hekmati’s position at the forefront of the #FreeAmirNow campaign is unique. She has taken a leadership role in her family while becoming the face and voice of this case. As ShowTrails are happening more frequently, women are emerging as spokespeople for their imprisoned husbands and sons. Sarah Hekmati’s voice is likely to be one of many strong female voices heard battling the injustice of wrongful imprisonment.

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To learn how to join the Hekmati family in the effort to #FreeAmirNow, visit