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Commitment to Accuracy

Tremendous care goes into the investigation and selection of each case in order to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of each case profile.

Case Selection

Reported cases must fulfill certain evidentiary and contextual criteria established by our screening committee before they are accepted and featured by The David House Foundation.

Accuracy and Security

Many of case summaries offer details and unique perspectives not published in main stream media. In most cases, The David House Foundation is in direct consultation with the involved parties, their legal teams, and even local government and in-country experts to ensure that our information is not only accurate, but does not jeopardize the lives of practitioners on the ground or delicate initiatives that must remain out of the public eye as a matter of operational security. 

To report corrections and clarifications on the Foundation website, contact Content Editor at with Accuracy in the subject line.

The Commitment to Accuracy posted on the Site was updated on November 10, 2016